Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 28 - Today in Beatles History

Beatles, 1967

1961 Performance at the Litherland Town Hall, Liverpool.

1962 Lunch time: Performance at the Cavern.

1963 `Please Please Me' LP number 1, 21st week (UK Record Retailer chart).

1966 `Yellow Submarine', 8th week in the Top 30 (UK New Musical Express chart). `Eleanor Rigby', 8th week in the Top 30 (UK New Musical Express chart).

1967 Studio 2. 4.00-5.30pm. Tape copying: `Magical Mystery Tour' (of remix mono 7); `Aerial Tour Instrumental' (working title of `Flying') (of remix mono 4). Recording: `I Am The Walrus' (tape reduction of take 25 as overdub onto take 17). Studio 2. 7.00pm-3.00am. Mono mixing: `I Am The Walrus' (remixes 2-5, from take 17). Editing: `I Am The Walrus' (of remix mono 2). Recording: `Aerial Tour Instrumental' (working title of `Flying') (overdub onto take 8, takes 1-5 of overdub onto take 8). Mono mixing: `Aerial Tour Instrumental' (working title of `Flying') (remixes 5, 6, from take 8). Editing: `Aerial Tour Instrumental' (working title of `Flying') (of remix mono 6). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Ken Scott; 2nd Engineer: Richard Lush. Copies of `Magical Mystery Tour' and `Flying' for the film producer. Recording of effects for `Flying'. The jazz-like part of the song is deleted.

1968 `Hey Jude' number 1, 1st week, 5th week in the Top 30 (Billboard).

1989 Paul's concert in Gothenberg (`Get Back Tour').

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