Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 28 - Today In Rock Music History

Happy Birthday Charlie Daniels!

Charile Daniels

Musicians Born On October 28

1937 Charlie Daniels
1941 Hank Marvin (Shadows)
1941 Curtis Lee (Pretty Little Angel Eyes)
1945 Wayne Fontana (Mindbenders)
1948 Thelma Hopkins (Dawn)
1948 Rickie Lee Reynolds (Black Oak Arkansas)
1957 Stephen Morris (New Order)
1959 Neville Henry (Blow Monkeys)

Deaths On October 28

1965 Earl Bostic (Alto saxophonist, Lionel Hampton band)
1987 Woody Herman (bandleader)

Number 1 In The Charts On October 28

1961 Shadows: 'The Shadows' UK LP
1967 'Diana Ross and the Supremes Greatest Hits' US LP
1978 Nick Gilder: 'Hot Child in the City' US 45
1989 Erasure: 'Wild' UK LP
1995 Coolio : Gangstas Paradise : UK single

Various Music Events On October 28

1955 Little Willie John hits R&B chart with 'All Around the World'

1961 Brian Epstein serving in his record shop in Whitechapel, Liverpoool, is asked for 'My Bonnie' by Beatles. He discovers that the disc is available only in Germany and sets out to see the group for himself. Raymond Jones is the customer

1965 The Who release 'My Generation' in UK

1968 Cynthia Lennon sues John Lennon for divorce

1972 United States Council for World Affairs adopts the Who's 'Join Together' as its anthem

1972 Billy Paul enters US soul chart with 'Me and Mrs. Jones'

1972 'Best of Bread' hits UK LP chart

1977 Sex Pistols release 'Never Mind the Bollocks' LP

1983 Police tour storms America, setting house receipts and attendance records at Miami's Orange Bowl with an audience of 48,920

1989 Deborah Harry's 'Deaf Dumb and Blonde' hits UK LP chart

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